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Power of prevention: Why things like breast cancer screenings and life insurance quotes matter

January 8, 2020

According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, breast cancer afflicts 1 in 8 women nationwide, so odds are it’s closer to us than we’d like to admit.

If you think about it, your life has probably already been touched by breast cancer – even if you’re still relatively young.

Maybe it’s a mother, grandmother or aunt. Or a close family friend has battled the disease. And, in some rare cases, younger women find themselves with a surprise diagnosis before they hit the higher-risk age.

These stories should remind us to do a few things to protect our health, so we can be there for our families for years to come.

First, we need regular, recommended screenings. If you need one, your doctor can help you set it up. There are also a lot of community events that offer free mammograms.

We should take steps to understand our family history and the impact that it can have on our future. After all, having a first-degree relative (like a mother or sister) with breast cancer raises your risk for developing it.

And, finally, that planning and preparation for the future can help our families cope during times of crisis.

Are you doing the responsible thing?

As we get older, we do a lot of things just because they’re smart and help us live stable, secure lives. Like taking our car in for regular oil changes (before the engine light comes on) and making a diligent effort to keep our bank accounts balanced and bills paid on time.

When the time comes, we start thinking about our health in this way, too. We begin to get recommended checkups and screenings. The CDC recommends talking to your doctor about when to start regular screenings at age 40 (depending on your family’s personal history and risk factors). We start getting mammograms to protect ourselves and find issues like breast cancer early. Depending on your risk factors, that might be every year or every other year.

We also do things to protect our family from unexpected expenses. That’s why we get insurance policies to cover our homes and our cars. It’s the reason we get health insurance, too. When the time comes, and we need coverage to help meet our needs and protect our family, we want it to already be settled.

Plus, it means an emergency doesn’t lead to worse things – like foreclosure or bankruptcy. Instead, we can live our lives knowing that we’ve done everything we can to keep the people we love safe even if circumstances get tough.

Why get coverage for your final expenses?

We know early detection of cancer can make a major difference in outcomes, but statistics from the American Cancer Society tell us more than 609,000 Americans will still die from cancer in 2019. That includes about 41,000 American women who will die of breast cancer.

If you think about it, that means about 41,000 families will be left dealing with grief, funeral expenses and mounting medical bills. That’s 41,000 families who may not have a plan in place to deal with a loss – who might have to dip into retirement savings, emergency funds or get help from friends and family to handle funeral expenses or medical bills.

It’s not something anyone wants to think about, but for many people, it’s a reality. (Think about how many fundraising pages feature prominently on your favorite social media network.) According to the National Funeral Directors Association, the average funeral costs about $8,000. Most families don’t have that kind of money easily accessible – especially if they’ve already been dealing with lost wages and medical expenses.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You have options that can help you plan for the future and protect the people you love most.

This is where final expense life insurance, like Final Wishes Covered, comes in. It can make a big difference for families who are dealing with a loss.

When you it’s needed, final expense coverage is right there – with a quick payout to help families pay funeral expenses. Or, if you have enough coverage, it could help you leave a small legacy to pay medical bills or just help your family out during a difficult time. Generally, final expense policies pay out in a few days. That means the money is there at the critical moment.

And families can have time to grieve, reflect and remember instead of worrying about how they’ll pay funeral bills and the additional final expenses that can mount up fast.

Giving you peace of mind

So, it’s time for us to start making smart decisions for the future.

Maybe that means finally calling your primary care physician and getting the mammogram you’ve been putting off. Or maybe it’s urging your mother, grandmother, sister, aunt or friend to do the same.

Or it could mean taking the next step in planning for the future by getting enough insurance coverage to protect your family. That might include life insurance to replace your income if something were to happen to you. And final expense coverage to help your family pay expenses quickly, if needed.

Truthfully, getting health screenings and life insurance quotes might feel like something you want to avoid. After all, they both can be associated with unpleasant feelings, fears or worries. Let’s be honest – no one wants to imagine themselves sick. No one wants to think about what life or their family would be like without them. But on the other side of doing it, you’ll feel better.

What’s better than knowing that you’re healthy and your family is protected? Not much.

And you can start down the road to that good feeling right now.

Coverage made easy

With Final Wishes Covered, you can get a free, no-obligation quote fast. And if you decide to move forward, there’s no need to schedule an appointment with an agent. Instead, you can move quickly, get the coverage you want – and then go on enjoying your life. Just pay your monthly premiums, and you don’t have to think about it anymore.

You can get your quote on our homepage here.

Or, if you want to talk with someone, you have that option. Our agents are available via phone (888-828-9760). So, you decide when and how you want to move forward, and our team will be happy to answer your questions and help guide you through the application process.



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