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Final Expense Insurance: Turning Bad News into Good Decisions

May 15, 2018

We know we’re not going to live forever. 

We’re reminded of it every time we look in the mirror and see a few more strands of silver in our hair or the deepening lines of a face that’s expressed many years’ worth of joys, sorrows, and everything in between.

We’re reminded of it every time we pass a car accident on the highway or see a tragic story on the evening news.

We’re reminded of it every time our bodies hurt in places they didn’t used to, and activities that used to be easy suddenly aren’t.

We’re reminded of it every time we visit someone in the hospital or attend the funeral of an old friend.

We know life ends, and we witness it, but it’s still hard to accept that OUR lives are going to end.

Preparation = Peace of Mind

For all the knowing though, we still tell ourselves, sometimes silently and subconsciously so as not to tempt fate, that we’ll be ok. This isn’t so much arrogance or ignorance as it is a necessary defense mechanism. If we spent all of our time thinking about death, we wouldn’t have a chance to enjoy our lives, and that would be the real tragedy. So we don’t need to be preoccupied with the end of life…we just need to prepare for it.

One way to do that is to make sure we have enough life insurance. It’s something that too many people avoid buying (or even avoid talking about), but it’s such an important protection to have in place for the people you love. We struggle to prioritize life insurance because it always seems like there’s another expense that’s more important.

Maybe you said you’d get more coverage when your children were born, but you had to put money in their college funds, so you didn’t.

Maybe you said you’d do it when they graduated, but you needed to save for retirement, so you didn’t.

Maybe you said you’d do it when your first grandchild was born, but you wanted to help pay for an addition to your daughter’s house, so you didn’t.

The thing is, life insurance isn’t as expensive as most people think it is. What we may underestimate, though, is how much premiums can increase as we get older and our risk of death becomes there’s truly no better time than NOW to get covered.

Numbers You Need to Know

About 30% of American households have no life insurance at all. This means almost 40 million people have no plan in place to safeguard their families’ financial future if the worst should happen.

If you’ve gotten used to convincing yourself that life insurance isn’t that important, those numbers might fly right over your head, but here’s one that should land right in the middle of your heart:

The average cost of a traditional funeral is $7,000 - $10,000.

If you don’t have that much set aside, it’s a sizable expense that falls on your family. And that’s just the cost of saying goodbye. If you pass away with unpaid medical bills or other debts, those have to be taken care of as well. Life insurance can help cover those costs and help you leave your children an inheritance rather than another financial burden.

Less Time on Life Insurance, More Time for Life

Nobody wants to think about being the one whose life is over, but knowing your family is financially protected means thinking about it less, not more. Somewhere in the balance between convenient optimism and paralyzing fear is productive realism…a space where we can efficiently plan for the inevitable while continuing to enjoy everything that’s left in front of us.

At Final Wishes Covered℠, our goal is to make that space more accessible. We’re here to help you find a reliable life insurance policy that fits your needs and your household budget…and doesn’t take up too much of your precious time.

When you’re ready, get started with a phone call (888) 432-7066 or an online quote here. We’re excited to guide you toward peace of mind!

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Final Wishes Covered
Final Wishes Covered

Final Wishes Covered℠ offers life insurance options that help to cover your final expenses by providing your family with a cash benefit at time of death to cover end-of-life expenses. Our purpose is to make it easy and affordable for you to get life insurance coverage, and we’re dedicated to helping you find the right policy.

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