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Simple & Minimal

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Do you need a cost-effective way to handle your final expenses? Our minimal Simple Ceremony is the perfect option. This modest policy is designed to cover direct burial or cremation (without viewing), visitation or embalming, and a memorial service at the graveside or later.
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Traditional Remembrance

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Are you looking for a classic full-service funeral arrangement? The Traditional Ceremony delivers a time- honored remembrance for your family and covers the costs of: visitation, formal funeral service, hearse transportation, burial, entombment, or cremation.
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Distinguished Ceremony

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Do you want to provide your loved ones with more than funeral expenses? Our Distinguished Ceremony is right for you. This superior package covers the costs of a traditional full-service funeral arrangement with all the trappings and an after-service breakfast or luncheon. You can leave a legacy to your family with what’s left, as well.
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